Dental Implant

The most important difference between the immediate implant and other types of dental implants is the technique of implementation and placement of the pin. Also, the possibility of implementing this method depends on the health status of the patient’s jaw bones. In this way, if the conditions of the jaw bone and its density in the desired area are suitable, the immediate implant is done. Otherwise, the patient must undergo another surgery called bone grafting.

As a dentist offering affordable dental implant cost in Vancouver says, this surgery can create the cohesion and strength required for the implementation of the implant. The softness of the jaw bone tissue or its low thickness and height can lead to the breaking of the implant pin during chewing or the pressure of the teeth on each other. Among the other differences between one-day dental implants and other dental implant methods, we can mention the shorter duration of the treatment period in the implementation of immediate dental implants. Because as mentioned, all steps in this method are done in one day.

In a one-day implant, unlike traditional dental implants, you no longer need to wait for the healing and restoration of the dental implant site. Normally, it should take between 3 and 6 months for the implant scar to heal and the prosthesis to be installed on it, but in the immediate implant, this is done on the same day as the tooth implant.

What Are the Conditions for an Immediate Implant?

We mentioned in the article what is a dental implant that not all people can plant teeth with the implant method because it is a sensitive surgery and the patient must have certain physical conditions to perform it. Immediate dental implant is also one of the most basic conditions of immediate implant, which are:

The Patient Must Have Perfect Gum Health

The success of this treatment is directly related to the health of the gums. To perform an immediate implant, the area of ??the implanted tooth must be free of inflammation, gum disease, or any type of infection. If there is infection or swelling in this area, before the implant operation, the patient must first be treated for gum disease and infections.

Dental Implant

The Patient Must Have Good Bone Density

Before a patient can be considered a candidate for immediate implant placement, there must be adequate bone density around the extraction site. This procedure cannot be performed for patients who suffer from bone loss or have weak gums. Such people should undergo bone grafting first. The presence of sufficient density in the bone is a necessary condition that the attending physician can determine the truth of this issue by performing various tests.

The Patient Should Not Have any Uncontrolled Underlying Disease

This method is used for people who have lost their teeth due to an accident. Also, things like reabsorption of the root, the presence of large cavities in the gums that cannot be treated, the presence of periodontal disease that causes tooth mobility, etc. are factors that cause one-day dental implants to be used for these people.