Parents always dreams of their children’s good health and disease-free life. A child’s chronic disease or any life-threatening illness is always a shock to his parent. Many children are there who spend their most periods of time in hospitals and becomes a nightmare to their parents. Thus, doctors those are treating them should be much experienced with positive energy, that children who are so far from their child life feel comfortable and become well soon. These doctors are commonly referred to as child specialist in Thane.

Who is a child specialist?

Doctors specialised upon child treatment and work with their parents to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalisation, illness, and disability. Knowing the full background & psychology of the child patient they counsel them and explain the medical procedures to the kids and their family. Besides providing quality treatment they also provide mental support and information combating stress and anxiety from the kids and their peers.

In a way, a child specialist is a health care professional who goes on to work with family along with children in hospitals and copes or prepares them to encounter various challenges that arise. In fact, the necessary amount of support is provided to the family members along with the parents. These specialists go on to work hand in glove with the parents and help the kids to cope up with the effects of trauma or stress. To understand the well-being of a child, does require the support of a parent as they go on provide information or guidance to parents.

Education they obtain

As per Child Life Council, a child specialist must have completed bachelor’s or master’s degree in related field of his specialization. After that a clinical internship of 480 hours should be done. The final step of being a certified child specialist is to crack a national examination offered once a year. After the whole education process an individual is certified with child specialist by Child Life Council and he can practice as the same.

Child specialists’ work in details

Their working details vary with the changing duties every day. They diagnose the child patient in a proper way which is not frightful to the kids. Then realising the problems in the child, they explain the procedures, causalities and medical terminology to the parents. At times, some procedures they explain can be traumatic to the parents for their children. But the specialists do it more easy and positive for them by providing mental support. After the treatment starts a full track of development is conveyed with the parents. And for the children in hospitals, playroom and friendly environments are arranged to keep them familiar. Specialists use art and play to outcome the anxieties within the children and treat them. They do all for the child’s well-being.

Best child specialists or paediatricians in Thane West

Child specialists can be easily available in hospitals with large paediatric departments, clinics and private chambers of Thane west. They work in a variety of settings to provide the best care possible to the children and families. Many times, they travel to schools for giving presentation to the patient’s parents about the possible illness of the children. They also give lessons to the kids how to stay far from disease. They work with the healthcare team in hospitals.