There are over 40,000 different Marijuana strains all over the world. All of them are either Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strains. Each of these strains has different effects and advantages for its users. But over time, the significance of these differences loses its value because users are only after the high they want to feel after taking a hit from their joint. But what they don’t know is that the strains have importance, so they are classified into three different types.

Now you may not feel the differences between indica, hybrid, and sativa strains. But once you get to know the different variations that make a Marijuana strain different, you will become more mindful of your strains next time. You should also know the differences between these strains so you could quickly identify what you’re feeling. It can significantly affect your feelings, mood, and emotions throughout the day. Daily Marijuana is an online weed shop that could give you more information regarding the strain you want to order next time.

Become more Creative

Indicas are known to make you feel more of a body high. That’s why you might be feeling lazy, sleepy, and experience ‘couchlock’ whenever you take a hit. On the other hand, Sativas are known to give you more of a head high experience. That’s why you are more creative and alert. You will not be feeling sleepy, but you’ll feel like you want to discover or invent something because your mind is awake and is busy thinking of good ideas that you could create.

Helps You become Motivated

Contrary to popular belief that Marijuana is known for making you feel lazy, Sativas will turn that belief around. Once you try smoking a Sativa strain, you will feel more motivated to finish your tasks and work. That’s why some people who smoke weed before work can’t live without it because it helps them function throughout the day. Sometimes, it will make you fidgety and jittery. But if used in moderate amounts and once you know how to manage it, you can easily transfer all those energies into getting things done.

Become a Master at Social Settings

Some individuals use Sativa to help them become better hosts in social gatherings. Most introverts, after smoking a Sativa strain, become more social and open to others. If you are suffering from social anxiety all the time, smoking Marijuana may do the trick to keep you steady and on your feet. The stimulating effects are surely what you’ll be needing when surrounded by strangers in a crowded room. You will be surprised by the confidence you earned because it can help you overcome your anxiety towards meeting new people.

How it Affects Your Health Positively

Others just want to experience that euphoric high everyone is talking about when smoking Marijuana. But not everybody would remember that weed is used by people dealing with health issues like inflammation and chronic pain. Aside from that, the effects it does on your brain will help with depression, anxiety, and other neurological problems. With the right amounts, you could thoroughly enjoy both its effects and benefits at the same time.