We don’t only have acne when we are in our terrible teens or in our adolescent years. In fact, acne can be a condition that some people can have for the majority or all of their lives. Not only does this cause self-esteem issues, but it also reduces the confidence of a person. There are a broad number of tips and tricks that you can turn to in order to effectively combat acne, whether you turn to an at home treatment, or you decide to get help from a professional Acne Treatment London. Here, we’ve put together some top tips for combatting acne in your every day life.   

1. Keep Your Face Clean

You may already wash your face daily, but what are you using? It is recommended that you use benzoyl peroxide from over-the-counter pharmacists to wash your face with once or twice a day. By doing this, it will reduce inflammation and kill bacteria associated with acne formation. Make sure that you remove all makeup and dirt to reduce build-up of oils and clogged pores. If you develop a rash from using benzoyl peroxide, however, then you should stop using it immediately.

It is also important to wash your face straight after a work-out, too, because sweat has the ability to stick to your face and this sweat may contain acne-causing bacteria.

2. Healthy Diet

Studies have suggested that consuming fewer sugars and carbohydrates result in fewer breakouts. Other studies have shown that milk products can cause severe acne in teenagers. Foods that are rich in Omega-6 Fats should also be avoided because they have been linked to increased levels of acne. You may also want to consider eating less chocolate as, although there are no concrete conclusions that chocolate leads to acne, it is suspected that it is a trigger.  By keeping a food diary you can see whether a particular food triggers an outbreak in your skin.

3. Don’t Squeeze Your Spots

All that squeezing your spots does is deepen the level of trauma to the skin. Pigmentation and scarring will be made much worse by picking and squeezing spots. Therefore, you should avoid this at all costs in order to ensure that you are not further damaging your skin, and causing more breakouts along the way.

4. Look At Your Hair

By having clean hair, and keeping it off your face, you will prevent breakouts on the forehead and face. Acne on your forehead could simply be from certain hair products, such as pomades and gels. Try using a new shampoo or conditioner and see if this reduces your acne. Avoid using headbands to cover your forehead, too, as these accessories can keep sweat in place which can ultimately encourage acne.

5. Look After Your Face

Firstly, try to avoid touching your face because your hands contain dirt and oils. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water to keep them clean. Secondly, when you use makeup to cover up breakouts, be careful that you are not making them worse. Greasy products with cocoa butter and mineral oils can actually aggravate acne, despite common belief that some oils can help to make your acne better. Ensure that your makeup is water-based, hypoallergenic and oil-free. Thirdly, if you are removing facial hair then it is best to use an electric razor. Clean the blade regularly and shave in the direction of the hair growth, in order to avoid aggravating the skin even further. Lastly, don’t use lotions which are designed for your body on your face because they are heavier and can clog your pores. Look for products labelled ‘non-comedogenic’ which mean that they are not suspected to cause acne.

If you have acne then don’t be ashamed and hold your head high because it is likely that the people around you either have it as well or have suffered from it in the past. It doesn’t make you any less beautiful, so feel proud of who you are. Follow these top tips and hopefully, the acne will clear up in no time!