Summers are here and the most common issue during summers is the dehydration. Due to dehydration the skin looks and feels dull, lose its glow and freshness, metabolism slows down, the person feels low and unenergetic, the parts of the body couldn’t perform well and it affects your performance as well. Therefore keeping yourself hydrated all day long during summers.

Rather than just adding more water to your daily life, you can try Detox Water to add more flavors and nutrients in your diet. You can also add different fruits and vegetables to your water to give it a taste as well as vitamins to your plain water. Detox waters are very in these days and good for your skin, health, and digestion as well.

Here are some Detox Water recipes which you can make in summers and enjoy throughout the day:

1.    Strawberries and Grapefruit Detox Water:

¼ cup of Strawberries

1 sliced lemon

1 sliced Grapefruit

Pitcher of ice water

Add all the ingredients and leave it for few hours. Consume it as regular water. This Detox water is good for your weight loss as it contains grapefruit and lemon while strawberries add a sweet flavor to the water.

2.    Weight loss Detox water:

If you are looking for the Detox water which will help you lose weight as well, here is a recipe for you.

1 sliced lemon

I sliced lime

½ sliced cucumber

Pitcher of ice water

As this drink consists of all the ingredients which help in weight loss as well as keeping you hydrated all day long, consuming this drink will help you in reducing weight as well as keeps your fresh at the same time.

3.    Exotic fruit Detox Drink:

7-8 sliced strawberries

1 sliced Kiwi

¼ sliced cucumber

Pitcher of ice water

For those who are looking for freshness, flavors and hydration can take this drink. You can make this drink and consume it throughout the day from morning to night. This drink is best for freshness and hydration and those who loves exotic fruits and enjoy its good taste.In case you don’t like to drink water then you can lose weight through Detox tea as well.

4.    Citrus Detox water:

1 lemon

1 grapefruit

1 orange

Mint leaves

Pitcher of water

This drink is not only good for weight loss and hydration but also best for digestion. This Detox water can be consumed daily as well as in the alternative days. You can add more or subtract more fruits from the recipe according to your personal choice.

5.    Ginger, mint and lemon Detox water:

One of the very authentic Detox drinks which are good for all parts of your body is the ginger; mint and lemon detox water which helps in weight loss as well as keeping you hydrated all day long.

 One inch of ginger

1 lemon

½ bunch of mint leaves

Pitcher of water

Add all the ingredients and mix it together. Leave it for few hours and drink it all day long. You can add any fruit if you like to add flavor to your detox water.