Have you ever suffered from back pain?

Sports injuries?

Knee pain?

Arthritic hip?

Stiff neck muscle and like?

Well, if you are nodding your head then you too are one of those who will have or may need to visit an orthopedic surgeon soon! Do not get disheartened though. The orthopedic surgeons are the good guys who would release you of such muscular-skeletal ailments. These orthopedic surgeons are specially trained and have gathered their degrees in treating those patients that suffer from bones, joints, muscles, tendons, nerves or ligament ailment. They are specialized in one of the areas and choose that as their subject while studying. They are the ones who diagnose, treat, operate and prevent injuries or diseases and disorders that one may have.

India has several world-class hospitals like AIIMS, APOLLO, and CIVIL hospital. We have best orthopedic doctors in India who are highly skilled and trained in their respective fields.

Diseases healed by an orthopedic surgeon include:

  • The patients approaching such a surgeon can be a newborn, adult, teenage or any other age. But mostly they treat elderly people who suffer from calcium loss in the bones, thereby resulting in the broken bone or weak bone.
  • Abnormalities, Back pain, ruptured disks, sciatica, and scoliosis are treated by them.
  • Fractures and dislocations, Growth abnormalities, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sports or work-related injuries or even sprains and strains are to be treated by orthopedic doctors.
  • They also deal with pulled muscles, bursitis, torn cartilage and torn ligaments.

What should patients do?

  • Patients should ensure good partnerships with their physicians and should follow them regularly. Even after you are healed you should maintain follow-ups regularly if you are above 40 as then your bones start losing calcium.
  • A lot of people in India consider meat or fish as a non-eatable thing. But with the evolution of medical sciences, many medicine brands use fish oil in them. So, it is better that you tell your physician about your wants, ethics along with your values.
  • Physicians generally respect your diversity and individualism towards things and provide you with the best of treatments.
  • Most of the orthopedic surgeons generally will discuss treatment options with the patient to mutually determine the plan best suited for his/her health and lifestyle.

Surgeries performed by orthopedic doctors

  1. Arthroscopy: This is done to treat problems inside the joint through cameras and other ways of visualizing.
  2. Fusion: Two bones are joined together using a metal rod or bone graft. This is mostly used when during an accident, the bones are broken.
  3. Internal fixation: In India, the general term for this is plaster, where the bone is supported by metal plates etc. while it is healing.
  4. Prosthesis: When an artificial joint replaces a broken or damaged joint, it is known as the prosthesis.
  5. Osteotomy: Correction is done by repositioning or cutting the current bone.

After the age of 40, it is recommended that you should visit an orthopedic doctor regularly to ensure that your bones are problem free and will last a longer period of time. As most of the elderly people nowadays suffer from arthritis and knee related problems. You can also choose from the top 10 orthopedic surgeons in India from reputed hospitals.

We wish you a long and healthy life!!