Surgery is an integral part of the life of a woman, and breast augmentation to increase the size of breasts or breast reduction is common. Can you Breastfeed with implants? Is a question that needs urgent attention? Usually you can breastfeed after surgery, but the success ratio depends upon the type and how it was performed. Even if a small amount of milk is produced it is beneficial, as you can supplement it with formula.

The glandular tissue of the breast produces milk, and travels through the nipples known as milk ducts. If you had any surgery what matters is whether the milk ducts are damaged or interrupted in any manner. In some cases, they are cut after surgery, where in others it is not. Even if they are cut during surgery, it will heal and once again will produce milk.

If you had any type of breast surgery, and still want to continue breastfeeding, it is better to consult your obstetrician during pregnancy. Provide them with the medical records of your surgery. Make it a point that the pediatrician of the baby is aware you had a surgery and proper attention is paid to the growth of the baby.

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Breast augmentation

In this process the size of your breasts is increased by silicone implants. They are placed beneath the natural tissue of your breasts, or under your chest muscles. Most women who have been part of this surgery do go on to produce a decent amount of milk.

The implants do not interfere with breastfeeding, as they are under your natural breast tissue, but the manner in which they are inserted might pose a serious headache. To avoid any form of visible scarring under the breast or around the armpit some surgeons incorporate these implants in the form of an incision at the edge of areola which is the bumpy tissue around the nipple. The milk ducts are severed and this could have an impact on the milk supply.

Breast reduction

The process involves removing the breast tissue surgically, and reconstructing them into smaller sizes. It depends on the size of your breasts and depending on how small you want, the surgery time evolves. All the surgical procedures will reduce the amount of milk you will produce. Many women, who have had this surgery, will produce milk and can still breastfeed their babies. But the amount may not be that sufficient and you will need to supplement it with some formula.

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Expert opinion of lactation

If you had any form of breast surgery and still want to feed your baby, then talk to a lactation consultant. They are health professionals who are trained to teach a mother, on how to breastfeed and cope up with problems arising from the same. As any surgery on the breasts will reduce the amount of milk, you want to know how much milk the baby is getting. In this manner the answer to the question is Can I breastfeed with implants is provided as well.