Porn and masturbation work like a drug.  It is highly addictive and can affect your brain. It attracts you towards the new things and you become obsessed about sex. You feel dissatisfied with the reality because it is less intoxicating when you are seeing porn. At the time of seeing porn Orgasm releases many chemicals that can encourage your brain to connect to this activity. Most of the people watch porn. This gives an unrealistic outlook on life and that is why porn leaves you feeling worse than you did before. These unrealistic things we can only see in the porn but can’t apply in this real life. Let us take a brief discussion how pornography can hamper a person’s life.

It Causes Depression

Porn can destruct you from reality. It creates an obsession about sex. For those, who are addicted to sex, reality is very boring and monotonous. When the people can’t find any similarity in between the real life and imaginary life they have been going to depression. For overcoming this difficulty you have to concentrate on your hobby, Your study or something like which can make you free from this unwanted addicted life.  You can spend your leisure time by taking the fun with your friends or with your favorite ones. These can help you recover your depression.

It Can Make You Crazy

Pornography can make some men crazy with desire. They cannot find out the solution of how to release from this sexual tension. Most of the wives are not ready to fulfill these unknowing requirements. For this reason, it makes very difficult for their husband to stay away from porn. They lose respect for their wives in real life. They think they can behave or do things like the men in porn films.

You May Get Short Tempered

Another very big reason of why porn leaves you feeling worse than you did before is some people are getting angry and short tempered. They don’t find any way how to deal with it. The depressed people don’t know that they are behaving like a baby. They can’t find any way of how to deal with the reality. A lot of shame and guilt feelings will build up on you if you are addicted by this. The persons become short tempered on themselves and can’t release this.

An Antisocial Attitude Can Grow

The men who watch too much pornography has been seen to have a different attitude towards the women. It has been observed that watching too much porn can make a man obsessed towards sex. If you become a sexist after watching porn then you will lose all respect for the womankind and treat them badly. The porn viewers may become crazy after watching how women are depicted and may behave in the same way with the women in their real life. You even start viewing your partner in a different way. You will gain an antisocial attitude towards women.

Nothing is harmless about porn addiction. Too much of porn will give you unrealistic expectations about your personal life. Real women don’t behave like a porn film. It is just a film. We have to carry the positive outlooks that can make negative things to positive.