If you are someone who wants to make some changes to your large breasts, that is completely understandable, and the modern world of medicine and cosmetic surgeries offer quite a lot of options on that matter.

Breast reduction

When it comes to the truth about breast reduction according to Breast & Body Clinic, this procedure is mostly requested by women who have gotten implants or fat transfer surgeries in the past, and they simply want to go back to their old looks, because they felt more comfortable.

Of course, that is not always the case, as there are women who have naturally large breast, and they need help with the constant pain they experience in their neck and back, along with some discomforts where they cannot take part in certain activities, or they simply cannot fit into some clothes that they would really like to wear.

Breast reduction is quite a simple surgery that is done under general anaestethics, which means that the patient doesn’t feel a thing during the whole procedure. Similar to other surgeries, there will be some scarring, as well as some recovery time which will prevent you from exercising or going to work for about two weeks.

Breast implant revision

While a lot of women want to get rid of their implants if they are feeling uncomfortable with their new large breasts, there are plenty of women who would like to make slight changes to those implants, which will not really have a big impact on their size.

That is usually the case for women who have had implants for years, and the main reason they want a revision on their implants is because they have moved around their breasts over the years, causing their breasts to look a bit abnormal in the form of asymmetry where one breast happens to appear bigger than the other one, or where the nipples are in completely different positions.

Some other negative effects of implants not “playing along” with the development of a woman’s body is where they go onto certain positions such as the bottom of the breasts, making them look like bubbles, or to the side, where they create a situation where the breasts are just too close to each other, while taking away from their size.

You can easily undergo a breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic or your local beauty clinic that has an experienced surgeon, and all of the problems which are listed above are fixable, as well as a couple of others which the surgeon is probably going to inform you about.

Final Word

Breast reduction and implant revision are quite normal surgeries that a lot of women undergo every day, and the main goal of these procedures is to create a change on your body that you will be satisfied with. Being satisfied with your own looks is quite important, as it has a huge impact on positive attitude.