There are many women in the UK who, for one reason or another, suffer premature hair loss, and modern treatments are now available that empower a woman to lead a normal active lifestyle. The causes of hair loss are varied, with many sufferers having a genetic disposition for the condition, which is passed on from generation to generation, and unfortunately, we have yet to find a cure for alopecia. Pregnancy can also cause hair loss, although this is a temporary condition caused by a hormone imbalance, and stress is another cause of excessive hair loss, and the condition can affect anyone at any time. Regardless of the cause, there are hair loss clinics located in most major cities in the UK, and the latest treatment offers a complete solution.

Modern Hair Restoration Treatment

This revolutionary hair restoration system involves weaving human hair extensions into a fine mesh that is attached to the scalp with surgical tape. The human hair extensions are carefully selected to match the patient’s existing hair, and with careful weaving, the extensions are gradually added until the person has a full head of hair. If you have noticed you are losing more hair strand than normal, Hair Solved are the people to contact, and an online search will give you the contact number of your nearest clinic, then you can make an initial appointment and the experts can determine the best form of treatment.

Painless Process

Irrespective of the severity of your hair loss, this new hair restoration system works very effectively, and the entire process only takes a few hours and is painless. Prior to any treatment, the patient would discuss hair colour and styling with the resident technician and stylist, and once the hair extensions are ready, the process can begin.

Chemotherapy Patients

Radioactive treatments are often used to kill cancer cells, and there are several side effects to the chemotherapy treatment, one of which is total hair loss. In a case such as this, there are alternatives to wearing a wig, and with a fine mesh firmly attached to the scalp, human hair extensions can be carefully woven into the mesh, which would eventually result in a full head of hair.

Patchy Hair Loss

Many women suddenly notice clumps of hair falling out when brushing, and this can really take away a woman’s self-confidence, especially is she is career minded and leads a busy social life. The hair loss clinic would specialise in this type of hair loss, and with some careful matching, human hair extensions would be woven into the existing hair, leaving you with a full head of hair that is ready for styling.

Personalised Treatment

We are all different, and a modern hair loss clinic would view each patient as a separate challenge and with their expertise and experience, you are guaranteed to be happy with the results. Making an initial appointment couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is an online search to locate the website of the nearest hair loss clinic, then using their online form, you can book an initial consultation.

This new treatment makes hair loss bearable, and the human hair extensions remain in place for up to 3 months, after which time you would need to pop in for an adjustment session.