“New normal”, yes is the new art of living. We are now habituated to wearing a mask, carrying sanitizers, and washing hands multiple times. This new pandemic scenario has left no choice for us except to take some extra protection. We all know the importance of a sanitizer when it comes to protecting ourselves from this giant virus. So are you in search of an efficient sanitizer? Then let’s give a try to a UV light sanitizer. Maybe you are having a lot of queries like is this sanitizer really reliable? Does this really kill bacteria or how it works? Don’t worry this article solves every query you have. 

How Uv light sanitizer works? 

Basically, this sanitizer uses the ultraviolet ray that comes directly from the sunlight. It provides a second coat of protection that fights against harmful viruses and germs. The ultraviolet ray kills the germs by disrupting all the ways in which the virus survives. It is available in a portable form of light that you could carry anywhere you go. Also, the application is very simple. Just apply the light on the areas that you assumed to have exposure to the virus. It kills bacteria by affecting the surface areas. 

Benefits of using UV light bacteria 

To reach on the conclusion about its effectiveness we have to know the benefits this sanitizer gives, such as:- 

  • Kills the germs instantly.
  • Could reach literally any area. Even you could easily apply it on your food packages, study materials, and daily wear.
  • There are absolutely no harmful side effects reported by the users.
  • Kills the surface of bacteria immediately after applying
  • Very handy to carry.
  • There are no hassles in washing clothes if you are used to in using this sanitizer.
  • It’s a natural way to kill bacteria. As the Uv light used in this sanitizer is a natural resource so we could say it’s indeed a natural product.
  • Could disinfect a large area in some minutes 

Does it really kill bacteria? 

There are so many confusions regarding the uses and effectiveness of this sanitizer. But according to the research evidence, it could be stated that yes it kills 99% of germs within just some seconds. This sanitizer has been clinically tested and proven to work effectively on bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Also, the major benefit of using this sanitizer is that it has absolutely no harmful properties. You could apply it even on your skin. It ruins every way through which a bacteria could survive. According to the National Academies of Science, The UV light sanitizer is one of the best creations of technology that kills all the harmful bacteria effectively.

So, if you are still expecting a one-word answer then it would be “Yes”. This sanitizer really works brilliantly when it comes to killing bacteria.