In an ingrown toenail surgery, a kind of operation is done to remove the extra nail that grows in the toe. Generally, the nail has its own space to grow; however, if it is coming somewhere else, then it is really painful. Timely consultation with the doctor has to be done. Doctors who only care about legs are known as a podiatrist. They are foot doctors. If the nail is growing unwillingly, then firstly the doctor provides the medicine antibiotics and painkillers to stop it. Two kinds of medicines are provided. One medicine will stop the nail from further growing, and another acts as a painkiller for the body. It is a minor surgery that is done. The medicines which are given are prescribed in such a way that in the future, there is no growth. 

Signs and Symptoms of the growing nail in the toe

There are some symptoms which come whenever there is improper growth. Swelling takes place in tow whenever there is an improper growth. Redness around improper growth with pains happens. These things happen if the shoes are not of proper size. Whenever shoes are purchased, an important factor needs to be kept in mind. There should be enough space in front of shoes. Shoes should not be too tight and too loose. Whenever shoes are purchased, the comfort level has to be checked after wearing socks. Socks should always be made of cotton and should absorb the sweat coming from the foot. Leather should be preferred. Trimming of nails has to be done properly. Sometimes it happens that nails are cut too deeply from the end. 

Points need to keep in mind after surgery

To cover that part, ingrown toe surgery takes place. Certain points need to be kept in mind after surgery. The foot should always be kept in warm water after surgery. The reason needs to be understood. Whenever warm water is applied on foot, then the pores of cells get open. Due to this the effect of the medicine is more than applied on normal feet. The foot has to be cleaned with a towel after taking it out of the water. After cleaning and removing water droplets from the foot, the medicine has to be applied. The part where surgery has taken place has to be kept away from infections. Properly covering needs to be done with a bandage. The foot has a maximum touch with soil; therefore, it will get infected quickly. Loose-fitting shoes should be out of going to an office. If possible, then sandals which are very light in weight and slippers should have opted.