Our heart is the whole and soul in charge for the fitness of our body. There are many people who are very concerned about their fitness and perform various activities to keep themselves stay fit and healthy. It is a very good thing as a fit body has a fit mind and positive energy. We all know that proper regular exercise and a good diet can help have a healthy heart. But there are many other ways to keep the ticker going strong which formally includes visiting regularly to the best heart specialist in India for a routine heart checkup.

On the other hand, there are other ways also to keep the heart working efficiently like-

  • Say NO to trans fats- We all need some amount of fats in our diet which includes- saturated and polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats. The fat which one should avoid is the trans fat, which is known to increase the risk of developing heart diseases or having a stroke over a lifetime. This is the reason why trans fat clogs the arteries by raising the bad cholesterol levels and reducing the good cholesterol levels in the body. By cutting them from your diet, you improve the blood flow throughout your body. These include the industry-produced fats often used in packaged bakery goods, snacky food items, margarines and fried fast foods for adding flavor and texture.
  • Take good enough sleep- Another simple way of keeping the heart healthy is to take proper sleep. The people not taking enough of sleep are the ones at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and make sleep a priority. Many researchers have shown that sleeping too little causes disruptions and deteriorations in the underlying health conditions and biological processes, resulting in problems of blood pressure and inflammation.
  • Say no to tobacco and smoke- There are many studies that have proved that smoking at very regular intervals and taking tobacco results in the maximum deaths in a year. Not even this the second hand smoke also results in high-risk inhaling the bad smoke resulting in breathing problems and giving a trouble tickle to the heart.
  • Take good care of dental health- Our dental hygiene also plays in maintaining the overall health of the body. The ones suffering from periodontal diseases are more prone to high heart problems. The presence of bacteria in the mouth or any sort of gum diseases may result in inflammation in blood vessels and blood streams. Therefore, to take care of heart, begin with a good oral hygiene.
  • Don’t sit for too long- It is very important to note that sitting at one place for the day long is considered to be very bad for health no matter how much workout is done. The sedentary jobs and the changed lifestyle have made it where people are being at a high risk of cardio vascular diseases. It is important not to sit and keep on taking shorter walks throughout the day for good fitness.

By following these points and visiting the best cardiology doctor in India one will be doing a great favour to their heart. One would feel better and healthier and can stay fit with a healthy heart.