The E-cigarette is a safe alternative for those who are used to smoking. It is a perfect way to satisfy the urge to inhale the smoke produced by traditional cigarettes. Due to the absence of tobacco content in the e-cigarette, it is considered to be safe from the viewpoint of overall good health of a person. The main active ingredient in an e-cigarette is the e-liquid that helps in producing the vapours that are inhaled by the users. Different types of flavours are used by users to enhance their vaping experience. They look around for the  best e-liquid UK so as to have an awesome experience every time they use their e-cigarettes. The top 5 flavours of e-liquid that are common and popular amongst the users all across the globe are as follows:-

Try Gummy Bear flavour 

It is a must-try e-liquid and is listed amongst the best e-liquid UK. You may enjoy the deliciousness of a candy gummy bear in the e-liquid to the fullest. It is enough to satisfy your craving for vaping or smoking. The taste is just incredible and inexplicable and hence common amidst the users in almost all the parts of the globe. 

Banana Nut Bread is an awesome option 

Giving a try to this e-liquid flavour, you may definitely realize that it is one of the best flavours you have come across. Your vaping experience would definitely be heightened to an incredible level facilitated by this flavour. You would just feel in another world by enjoying this flavour of the e-liquid during vaping. 

Prefer using Peach Green Tea flavour 

Yet another name in the list of the top e-liquid flavours is the Peach Green Tea. It is the perfect option for you if you wish to have a smoother vaping experience. You would feel an implausible satisfaction as far as vaping is concerned. This e-liquid flavour is best recommended for those who wish to relax down and enjoy vaping in a highly gratifying manner at the end of the day following the whole day’s hectic work schedule. 

Frozen Lime Drop is another wonderful option 

This e-liquid flavour is known for mimicking the cocktail flavour. The unique blend of sweetness and sourness offers you ultimate vaping experience. You would have an awesome cooling effect while vaping this e-liquid. 

RipTide is a good option in the list 

With some menthol content in it, this e-liquid has an awesome blend of blue raspberry and strawberry. It can be used casually as well as when you feel the need to try something distinct. The taste is just astonishing and may leave you to feel absolutely satisfied and delighted. 

You may also opt for any of these flavours as per your choice and tastes and enjoy vaping.