Today is called a stressful society. The effects of mental burden on both the body and mind are not small. Sometimes it also causes ED.

  1. There Are Types Of Causes Of ED!

ED is an abbreviation for “Erectile Dysfunction” and means “decreased erectile dysfunction.” It is called “erectile dysfunction”. ED includes not only cases where an erection does not occur ultimately but also issues where the ED does not have sufficient hardness or the erection does not persist. There are 3 types of causes of ED: “ED due to lifestyle-related diseases,” “organic ED,” and “functional ED.”

  1. ED Due To Lifestyle-Related Diseases

If you have lifestyle-related illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia (hyperlipidemia), hyperuricemia, and gout, you are more likely to get ED.

Reviewing your daily lifestyles, such as an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise, and striving to prevent and improve lifestyle-related diseases will help improve ED.

However, if you are in your twenties, you can expect some improvement by itself, but after, you are more likely to become obese or develop arteriosclerosis, which increases the possibility of developing ED. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra also work on ED treatment.

  1. Organic ED

Most EDs are said to be “organic ED (organic erectile dysfunction).” “Organic” refers to the symptoms caused by tissue abnormalities. In other words, something works wrong with your body, and you get ED.

The most common cause of “due to angiopathy” is age-related arteriosclerosis. “Due to neuropathy” is due to epilepsy, diabetic neuropathy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

A typical example of “due to decreased endocrine function” is a decrease in the male hormone “testosterone.” Testosterone also creates a masculine body, maintains physical functions such as sperm production, and stimulates fighting spirit, libido, and erectile power. Therefore, when the amount of testosterone secreted decreases, the erectile function declines.

  1. What are the signs of ED (erectile dysfunction) and the peak age of onset?

・ I have physical desire, and I am excited, but I do not get an erection 

・ I have an erection, but it does not become hard enough

・ Even if I get an erection, it does not last for a long time

・ Sometimes I get an erection 

・ Sometimes I do not get an erection

・ Even if I insert it, It becomes soft on the way and comes off

ED includes not only cases where an erection does not occur at all but also cases where an erection does not last long and withers. ED is a condition, in which an erection does not occur, or the erection cannot be maintained and intercourse does not provide satisfaction.

The second peak is in the 50s and 60s, and this is mainly “organic ED.” It is mostly caused by lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia, and blood vessels’ aging due to obesity and aging.

  1. What is the treatment method if I have an ED?

What kind of measures should I take if I become an ED?

Here, we will introduce specific treatment methods.

Review your lifestyle

ED is caused by the arteries’ setting in the penis, similar to a stroke and myocardial infarction caused by arteriosclerosis of the brain and heart. Therefore, it is useful to review the lifestyle and the preventive method for cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction. If your diet is centered on fried foods, meat-based dishes, cup noodles, and snacks, try to have a balanced diet. The ingredients contained in the energizer can be taken from the daily diet.

“Allicin” in garlic and green onions has actions such as prevention and improvement of blood clots, nourishing tonic, antioxidant, and promotion of male hormone “testosterone” production.

In addition, “zinc,” which is abundant in shellfish such as oysters, freshwater clams, and clams, can be expected to promote sperm production, Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 improve ED and blood flow, and improve thinning hair, so it is a component that men especially want to take positively.

It is essential to develop exercise habits. Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, walking, and swimming can help improve blood flow. Let’s continue for four weeks, with 30 minutes a day as a guide. If you do not have time, do it multiple times with one set of 10 minutes.

Squats are recommended if you expect an increase in male hormones. Moderate exercise also helps relieve stress.

Cure with treatment equipment

ED treatment drugs are expected to be highly effective, but you may not be able to take them if you have a chronic disease such as heart disease or brain disease. In that case, treatment using treatment instruments and equipment may be adopted.

When you have an erection, put a rubber band around the base to keep the erection. Since the rubber band is limited to 30 minutes or less, it cannot be used for a long time and must be operated each time. It leads to the improvement of ED by increasing blood vessels and increasing blood flow.