Dental veneers are very thin wafer-like materials which are made in the shape and colour of the tooth. These are used to cover the surface of the teeth and known as the porcelain veneers which are used for the cosmetic treatment purposes. The dental veneers Birmingham can be used to alter the length, colour, size or shape of the teeth which are fixed to the front floor of the teeth.

There are two types of veneers that are either made of porcelain or the resin which are filled with the material to manufacture the veneers. The porcelain veneers are better as the stains are resisted more by this type of veneers and the natural look of the teeth mainly the reflecting power of the light is better projected by this form of veneer.

But the resin veneer has an upper hand as well as the can be fixed by removing very small part of the teeth. So, it is better for the doctor to decide which one will be the right for you.

Problems which are fixed with dental veneers

These are the following types of dental issues that can be fixed with the veneers –

  • If the teeth/tooth has broken accidentally and you need to fix it, then for the chipped teeth, the veneers can be helpful.
  • The discoloured teeth can also be fixed with the dental veneers and the discolouration can be controlled as well.
  • The gaps between the teeth are very irritating and look odd, the gaps can be filled by the use dental veneers.
  • The teeth which are not aligned properly, irregularly placed and uneven can be set properly with the help of the dental veneers.
  • The teeth which are worn out can be fixed by the means of the dental veneers.

Process of applying the dental veneers

  • You need to visit the dentist Tampa or similar others thrice for the process of the application of the dental veneers. In the first sitting, the dentist can take out an X-ray of the teeth and the gum or the whole mouth to figure out the exact problem and then discuss with you how that can be solved with the dental veneers.
  • The next thing that they would have to do is to remove ½ mm of the enamel of the tooth/teeth from the lower portion of the teeth/surface. If anaesthesia is required then a local anaesthetic professional has to be called off. Then the enamel will be removed and the model of the tooth will be made and send to the laboratory of the dentists where the veneer will be made for the person particularly. Then the veneer will be fixed for the temporary purpose to check whether it is according to the exact colour of the teeth or not and whether it is looking natural or not. Then after verifying, it will be permanently affixed to the teeth.

Ask your doctor about the types of problems that can be fixed with the dental veneers Birmingham and confirm about the process before opting for it.