Have you ever experienced breaking your tooth when eating nuts or crunchy foods? This is a very unpleasant event for all of us because the first thing that comes to mind is that we can no longer have the same attractive smile. Not having a glorious smile leads to reducing your self-confidence. Having a fracture, chip, or crack is inescapable and may happen to anyone. Besides, as a dentist at an emergency dental clinic in Toronto explains, there are many causes of having a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth. Some common causes include using teeth to open bottles, grinding your teeth, poor dental care, enamel loss, hitting, having an accident, and doing special activities, such as weightlifting. No matter what the reason is, the most reasonable action is to visit an emergency dentist as fast as you can. Let’s learn more about each cause in detail.


Among the named causes, the most important one is losing your enamel. This problem is mainly related to the foods you eat. As you may know, some foods and drinks are acidic. You should limit eating these kinds of foods and drinks since this will lead to losing the outer layer of your enamel. Of course, one of the other main factors for losing your teeth enamel can be age. When you get older, your enamel gets weaker. As a result, as an elderly, you should care about your teeth and oral health more.

Sports Accidents

If you are an athlete, it is obvious that you should be more careful about your teeth and gums, especially while doing sports activities such as weightlifting, boxing, riding a bike, running, doing karate, etc. This is because, as an athlete, you are more exposed to blows and sports accidents. So your teeth are much more likely to crack, chip or break.

Ignoring Your Oral Health

Poor dental care and ignoring your oral health will cause many difficulties for your teeth and gums; one of them can be tooth breaking. If you do not brush and floss your teeth daily, you should expect to be forced to run to the emergency dental office one day due to a dental problem such as a chipped or broken tooth. When you do not brush your teeth regularly, food particles are stuck in your teeth. Then gradually, a hard layer of plaque forms on your teeth. This plaque formation leads to tooth cavities and decays. When there is tooth decay, this is more likely to have a chip or crack after a minor hit.

Opening Bottles with Your Teeth

Some people, especially children, believe that tooth is so hard. As a result, they use their teeth as a tool to help them open bottles or eating nuts. It is not needed to say that these actions will crack or break your teeth easily. So as the emergency dentists say, it is essential to teach your children how to care for their teeth and oral health. Explain to them that teeth are not as hard as they believe.