Have you ever experienced that your gums start bleeding when you brush your teeth? This bleeding may be a warning that there are many pressures on your gums, and there may be other reasons. Bleeding gums are a common problem and can be easily treated. The gums swelling and inflammation or any other gums disease is a major cause of bleeding gums. According to research done by a sophisticated group of Toronto emergency dentists, about seventy-five percent of people over the age of thirty-five have gingivitis and bleeding. More than half of adolescents in the community also have the same condition.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by plaque forming on the teeth. If you do not remove the plaque on the teeth, they will harden and irritate the gums. Plaques can also cause redness, bleeding, swelling, and pain. The best solution to prevent is to visit an emergency dentist regularly.

While poor oral hygiene is a major cause of gum disease, many other factors can increase the cause of bleeding gums, including:


   Inheritance of gingivitis in the family

   Weak immune system




   Age increase

If gingivitis is not treated properly, it will progress to more serious gum diseases. These gum diseases may include periodontitis and gum tissue infections, and ulcers in more severe stages. They may lead to severe sudden pain one night while sleeping and make you rush to an emergency dental clinic. This is why it is vital to take steps with an emergency dentist’s help to prevent bleeding gums so that gingivitis can be treated before it progresses to later stages.

How to Cope with Diseases Related to Gums?

The best way to stop diseases related to gums is to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent plaque. If you have mild gingivitis, brush your teeth at least twice a day to get rid of the gingivitis. Of course, this number of times a day, even if you do not have gum disease, can prevent it. Flossing and rinsing protect teeth and gums from excess bacteria and plaque. It is also best to take these tips seriously:

   Do not smoke.

   Use fluoride toothpaste. This mineral prevents tooth decay.

   See your emergency dentist at least once a year.

If you already have severe gum disease or oral plaque, you cannot clean it alone and expect it to go away with flossing or brushing. In this case, it is better to see an emergency dentist.

Other Causes of Bleeding Gums

Although gingivitis and gum disease are the leading causes of bleeding gums, other reasons can cause these conditions:

   Conventional dentures

   New toothbrush

   Bruxism is non-permanent damage to the teeth caused by stress. This problem usually occurs while sleeping and causes the person to wake up.

   Sharp and broken teeth

   Flossing for the first time

If you are still worried about bleeding gums, see your emergency dentist for a checkup. The emergency dentist will examine your teeth and gums carefully, and if there is any problem, s/he will choose the best treatment for you.