The European Health Insurance card is considered to be an important card that each and every citizen of Europe should keep while travelling within Europe. It is a new way to help people in their emergencies as they travel to a different part of their country. EHIC card can be taken to any public hospital and one is sure to be treated without spending even a single penny. There are certain speculations or rather queries mostly asked by cardholders regarding the correct procedure for E111 card renewal. Since the year 2004, European government has aimed at simplifying the process that is involved in the renewal of the cards.  The authorities have ensured that necessary medical assistance is to be provided to people while they are in an emergency situation.

Specific Restrictions

  • A citizen needs to keep in mind certain considerations that they should follow while accessing cards. This card cannot be used if the patient is not in a serious condition.
  • All the cardholders who intended to renew their card before it expires are required to complete the application forms given by the authorities with adequate time before travelling.
  • Before a person starts with card renewal process, they should first go through the steps involved in renewing cards.

Eligibility for application

  • The visitors to the European nation are prohibited to use this card for their medical treatment. Only the citizens residing in Europe are eligible to use this card.
  • The E111 renewal card cannot be used by each of the family members of a particular cardholder. Rather each of the family members needs to have and their individual cards.
  • The citizens of Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are not eligible for the European Health Insurance card.

Issuing of cards

  • It is the responsibility of each state to provide health insurance card to their citizens. The authorities need to guide them regarding its use and should give details of its renewal process.
  • In some of the European states, this health care is given along with the national cards. While other European states where a citizen has to apply for a health card.

Renew cards before it expires

  • The health cards have a validity period and it is of five years. A person needs to renew their cards prior to its expiry date.
  • E111 card renewal processes have been made more convenient to the people through online medium. People are able to fill up the renewal application form and sent it with a single click.
  • While opting for online means, one should ensure whether they are applying through a valid source or not. In case of invalid websites, money is charged whereas card renewal is free of cost.

Thus, European citizens are able to take advantage of this card whenever they are struck by an emergency. This card is to be carried while travelling within their country. However, cards should be renewed on time otherwise it might bring problems in taking medical assistance.