Having the perfect body is about feeling comfortable and being confident in your own skin. From reduce by Vanquish London treatment to implementing exercises and diets into your daily routine, there are a number of ways to achieve the perfect summer body. Let’s take a closer look at how, below. 

  • Have A Healthy Lunch And Breakfast 

Eating late at night isn’t the healthiest habit, and studies have shown that you should consume the majority of your calories by 3pm in the afternoon. Therefore, keep your dinners light and have your lunch around noon or early afternoon. For your breakfast, bulk up on eggs, as these are the perfect protein source and are recommended due to their balance of essential amino acids; beneficial for body manufacture from brain chemicals to muscle fibres. 

  • Drink Coffee Before A Workout & Drink Tea 

Not only does drinking coffee before a workout provide you with additional energy, but studies and research have shown that it can also help to protect your body from harmful sun rays. 

Ditch carbonated drinks that are blast-inducing and opt for a cup of tea instead. Tea has a type of flavonoid called catechins that increases metabolism and helps the body to break fats down quicker. What’s more, the caffeine in tea will help to increase energy use, which in turn helps your body to burn more calories. 

  • Portion And Calories Control

Providing you keep carbs very low and stick to a diet full of protein, low-carb vegetables and fat, then you don’t need to count your calories. However, if you feel that counting calories will help you to restrict your intake, there are calculators that can be downloaded onto your phone or device. Simply fill out your details and the technology will give you a total of calories that you can eat per day, based off of your current weight, how active you are and how much you are looking to lose. Not only do calorie calculators help to count your calorie intake, but how much starch, fat and sugars you are limited to. 

  • Drink More Water 

Drinking water has a number of benefits to your health, including helping to clear skin and maintaining hydration, but it can also help you to lose weight. Water is an appetite suppressant, so if you drink water before a meal then you will feel fuller, and not eat as much. Additionally, drinking water that is ice cold can help to boost your metabolism, as your body has to work harder to warm up the water. In turn, this means that you burn more calories and lose weight. When hitting the gym, drinking water is essential; it helps to prevent muscle cramps and lubricate joints, allowing you to workout for longer. 

  • Get Plenty Of Sleep 

A higher body mass index and weight gain is linked to poor sleep. Despite each individual requiring different amount of sleep, those that get less than 7 hours of sleep will notice changes in weight. Additionally, those that are sleep-deprived, will have an increase in their appetite. If you have had plenty of sleep, then you will find it easier to fight cravings and make healthier choices when it comes to making healthy choices. In fact, a decrease in sleep can have an increase in calorie intake.

So, if you want the perfect body for the summer, take these top tips on board and notice a difference in your confidence and appearance.