If you have been injured in an accident or a sports injury, you need to do some physical therapy under the guidance of a talented physical therapist. A physical therapist is someone who uses medical science to help you rehabilitate. Physical therapy works because it allows you to strengthen your muscles, tendons, and joints while also returning the range of motion. In many cases, the accident that led to your injury is only the beginning of your troubles. After you recover from the accident, you have likely not used certain muscles or joints very much for weeks or months. Those joints will heal back tighter than they have been before, and the muscles will likely be weaker than before.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist will help you determine how best to recover from your injuries. The physical therapy sessions tend to revolve around losing tendons and joints through guided stretching. They also focus on strengthening muscles through body weight exercises as well as weight training. The question arises in minds of most of the people that why does it feel good to stretch. The answer is stretching is very good for physical and mental relaxation and it wakes your muscles as well as the brain. Stretching can be either static stretching or active stretching. Researchers have long been debating the relative merits of static stretching as opposed to active stretching. Something like bending to touch your toes would be considered static stretching. Active stretching is more like yoga, Pilates, and other forms of guided movement. The two are often complementary and used in concert with one another. A Floreat physio specialist will help you with the guidance of years of experience.


Pilates is one of the ways physical therapists help people recover from different accidents and injuries. Pilates was invented by a German physician who wanted to help people bring balance to their mind as well as their body. Pilates believed that many problems that occur both physically and emotionally stem from a person who is out of balance. Being out of balance could mean a person who is not in tune with their own mental state or someone who doesn’t have the proper balance of muscle strength. For example, if you have tight hip flexors, you could develop problems in your lower back. The lower back problems could affect your posture, which could affect your knees or ankles. All of that would have been avoided if you had better balance. That’s what Pilates seeks to achieve.

The goals of Pilates and the goals of physio are similar in that way. Physio is about restoring balance to your muscles, tendons, and joints.


Massage has long been a tool of physical therapy as well. Massage can encourage blood flow to different parts of the body. Such blood flow can remove toxins and bring much needed nutrients to the site of the injury. Research from many different medical fields has found that massage is very helpful in dealing with muscle soreness as well as other forms of injuries. The massage stimulates and speeds up the recovery process; however, it has to be done by someone trained in remedial massage.

When you work with a qualified therapist to recover from an injury, you are much more likely to have an effective and speedy recovery.