Muay Thai is the best martial arts for weight loss. On average it burns down 1000 calories in only 1 hour of training of Muay Thai. This sport offers more fat burn in comparison to most of the sports.

Muay Thai is an extremely fun sport that involves the whole body and is a group activity. If you a sports lover and fitness freak, then you surely fall in love with the deadliest martial arts (Muay Thai) in the world.

The size and shape of your body is not the concern you will lover losing weight in MuayThai sessions.

How does fat burn work in Muay Thai?

The fat burning process in the Muay Thai training session starts with cardiovascular activities. The cardiovascular activity helps you to burn the more fat as it increases the heart rate. As a result of the increased heart rate, the fat burns instantly.

Additionally, the cardio workout you get from Muay Thai cannot bet compared to any other martial arts workout. The core workout, constant punching and kicking session, and conditioning drills of Muay Thai will surely help you in weight loss.

These exercises in the Muay Thai will strengthen your core and elevate your heart rate that helps in losing the weight. Furthermore, there is a high-intensity interval training that is known as the king of weight loss.

Muay Thai boxing consists of most dynamic HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts, from upper body strikes to lower kicking, abs workout, and other conditioning drills. Here we have divided the training sessions into rounds, and each round consists of a duration of 3 minutes.

This makes the perfect fat burning training session. According to our Muay Thai program, you will see the result in 2 weeks.

Merging Muay Thai with Calorie Control

You can burn your ass for hours, but if you consume too many calories you won’t lose your weight. The perfect way of losing weight is to maintain the balance between the exercise and a nutritious diet. A simple fundamental for weight loss is you should consume fewer calories than the base requirement of the body.

A healthy diet can increase the chance of losing weight efficiently. Indeed, you will burn the calories no matter what you do, whether you are sleeping or walking on the streets, or taking classes of Muay Thai.

But make sure to combine the calorie control meal plan with the weight loss training program to achieve the desired result. Here we design custom weight loss diet plans for our guests. Although the diet plan is designed for weight loss, it will not leave you hungry.

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