We are now in the New Year and I guess there are some of us who are wishing to do something about the extra weight we have gained during the festive celebration. How to resist all the delicious food? We enjoy all the good food and worry later. So now this is the time to worry especially when the tummy seems to be bulging and you find it difficult to zip up your pants or skirts.

I suppose it is about time to lose some weight or else very soon we will need a whole new wardrobe. We all hope for instant result and wished that losing weight could be so easy.  For some people, gaining weight is so easy but to lose weight is so difficult. There are people who are the opposite and they want to gain weight, but find it almost impossible no matter how much they eat!

For us who tend to gain weight easily, we find that most of the losing weight methods tend to leave us hungrier than even and what little weight we have lost, we gain it back by leaps and bounce after losing control and we started eating again! Too many people gave up after a few tries due to lack of strong will power and determination to persevere in their losing weight programme. Some even pay for costly losing weight programmes and once they finished the programme, their weight bounced back again!

Our weight loss plan should be one that is able to reduce our appetite especially for those who have good appetite for food. We should be able to lose weight without feeling hungry and at the same time remain in good health and not deprived of all the good nutrition. Here are 3 simple tips to enable you to lose weight.

  • You should cut back on the amount of sugar and carbohydrate.
  • You should eat more protein and low carb vegetables. To maintain your protein intake, you can substitute it with protein shakes when you are not able to get sufficient protein.
  • You should do some exercise. If it is inconvenient to go for outdoor exercise, then you can visit the gym for workouts 2 to 3 times a week. If you are new, you can get the gym instructor to guide you. Usually, the gym instructor will recommend that you take protein shakes before and after your workouts at the gym. The protein helps your body to build firm muscles to give you a healthy look.

After you have lost considerate amount of weight, you can have a day off to enjoy your carbs and the rest of the week on sugar and carb free diet to maintain your weight and figure.