Atrial fibrillation suggests a kind of arrhythmia or a sort of heart issue that is identified as an erratic heartbeat. Moreover, this condition occurs because of the electrical activity and offers to rise to minor to noteworthy signs like shortness of breath, discombobulation, weakness, and so forth. Atrial fibrillation may be the best reason behind the stroke and it is required to examine it and treat it suitably.


This disease has turned quite common, one in four people may face this problem, and around 1.5 million across the UK have been affected. A major factor for this problem is age, it is identified as a lead role player and the people who are 65 or above may come across this problem. Alongside this, various lifestyle factors are implied that give rise to this situation, and for a regular checkup, doctors take the help of atrial fibrillation ablation method to diagnose the disease.

Is it possible to correct an irregular heartbeat and how it is treated?

First thing, not everyone comes across the serious consequences, however, one should keep in mind atrial fibrillation plays a significant role in stroke. The good news is AF – related strokes can be prevented and atrial fibrillation ablation London procedure can help you in identifying the risk of suffering and they could know you better than preventive treatment is possible or not. Here’re some key treatment options.


Medications can help in decreasing the risk of stroke and with the help of a few medications, you can get control over the atrial fibrillation. Medications are actually the first line of treatment so it is important to consult with a doctor.

Electrical cardioversion

Patients experiencing atrial fibrillation should be treated with cardioversion and it is a procedure of giving the little electrical shock over the heart and it helps in reestablishing your sporadic heartbeat to the ordinary. It is finished with the assistance of pads on your chest or back

Catheter ablation

It is a careful procedure that helps in improving the AF manifestations and it is in the same way valuable for the individuals who have serious side effects and when not simply prescriptions can work. The technique includes passing fine catheters with the assistance of a vein at the top point of your leg and into the heart. Radiofrequency waves are moved with the assistance of wires to the target region and are done to quit imparting AF signs to your heart.

There are several other methods used to treat the irregular heartbeat, however, it is required to visit a consultant. Atrial fibrillation ablation process examines every single point and offers the best treatment.