The Yoga is an ancient Indian way to keep the body and mind fit. There are many positions where one does not have stretch the body much but still can keep it fit. Some of the positions also help one to increase height. 

  1. ‘Wheel Pose’ or ‘Chakrasana’:

If you think that you are aged now, and there is no scope to increase height, then you must try this yoga asana as it will definitely help you increase your height irrespective of your age.

The Chakrasana must be performed only with your empty stomach. Also, this asana should be performed after 4 to 6 hours of your meal so that your food is well digested for the heavy workout.

To perform this asana, you need to bend your body over either in a forward or a backward direction. That results in the elasticity of spinal cord which further increases a lot and the body becomes highly flexible. Thus, you can see the changes in your body in few days. These both contribute well toincrease your height.

  1. ‘Mountain Pose’ or ‘Tadasana’:

The Tadasana or the mountain pose which is the easiest yoga posture can be practicedto increase the height during adolescence. The mountain pose has proven that it can make your spinal cord, arms and legs much stronger. This posture also helps to have an agile body, which is important to increase height. It is very easy to perform this asana. All you need to do is stand straight with your feet together on the ground and hands on the side of your body. It is one of the easiest standing asanas.

To start with this asana, stand straight with your arms on the side of your body. Now bend left knee and place it on the right leg on your thigh. Make sure that your foot is placed flat on the thigh. Inhale and raise your arms and perform Namaste mudra. Maintain your balance and hold on this position. Now, exhale slowly and perform the same procedure with your other leg.

There are many advantages of Tadasana. You can develop mental and physical balance.It helps you clear congestion of spinal nerves because the spine gets stretched as well as loosened.The intestines and rectus abdominal muscles are well stretched.To keep the nerves and abdominal muscles toned, it is very efficient to practice this asana during first six months of pregnancy.

  1. ‘Tree Pose’ or ‘Vrikshasana’:

Vrikshasana or the tree pose is very good to increase the height. This posture or position focuses on leg as well as calf muscles. This asana focus on the calf as well as leg muscles. It also helps to toughen the muscles in a short span if the posture is practiced regularly. As a result, the muscles get stronger.Tincrhis asana improves:

  • Balance, poise, maintain your posture
  • Helps you increase your concentration power
  • In the buttocks, it increases the range of motion
  • deepens the thorax
  • strengthens the ankles
  • tones muscles of your legs,back, and the chest

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