Just like most drugs, patients suffering from Oxycontin addiction do require special medical attention. This drug, which negatively affects the brain, requires aggressive treatment. Serious detox, counselling and treatment might be the only solution to curbing this state. In order to get adequate treatment, the needs of the patient have to be considered. Like most drugs that are commonly abused, the onset of addiction is underlined by constant abuse of prescriptions. The process is usually slow but steady with the number of prescriptions and reliance on the drug constantly rising over time.

The good news is that, with enough support, assistance and counselling, there is no addiction that cannot be overcome. The same is the case with OxyContin addiction. However, the approach is a little different and treatment helps the addict slowly get back to their normal life over a period of time. Here are some of the stages one goes through during the OxyContin recovery process.  

Withdrawal stage

This is always the initial stage of recovery for most of the patients. Sadly it is likely impossible to prevent the withdrawal symptoms, but there are a few ways to prevent them. Some people opt to use a cold turkey approach while others opt to use the medical approach. For instance, when a patient experiences muscle pains, they can be offered some non-addictive painkillers to ease the pain. Also, they may be given some sleep medication after experiencing insomnia.  

Pink Cloud Stage

After going through detox program, there is a period where the body experiences some feeling of relief with no major cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This is the Pink Cloud Stage. During this stage, the patients believe everything is perfect and they tend to feel that nothing can go wrong.

Back To Reality Stage

The patients are then returned to a reality in which the temptations and cravings are real. They now realize that they have to put in the hard work to ensure that they can stay Oxycontin free. They also now develop the need to discover some more ways to keep themselves off the drugs and maintain the good trend. This is the time they need to burn some bridges and stay away from loved ones who would rather expose them to the drug than help them throughout the recovery system.

Recovery now becomes a lifelong process. One needs to take things slowly and step-by-step. To recover, you must remain focused and make some sacrifices. Staying on the sobriety course also requires a deep sense of purpose and commitment. You must follow your daily routine to the letter and remain consistent. Eventually, everything will run smoothly.