Most of us are certainly conscious about our health and particularly while travelling. It is because chances of falling ill are greatly increased when we travel to some foreign countries with different climatic conditions and environment. This, in turn, results in huge medical bills and may spoil the entire trip when we are away from the native land. Keeping in mind all these facts, the EU governments have introduced the European Health Insurance Card for all the citizens above the age of 16 years.

EHIC is a unique card that entitles the cardholders to the medical facilities and benefits in the EU countries and Switzerland too. It means UK citizens travelling to any of countries across EU may get free of cost or discounted medical facilities if so required by showing their EHIC. The only condition is that they must have an EHIC with a valid date. That is why EHIC Renewal is considered to be quite important. Since EHIC card is issued for a period of five years only and it needs to be renewed following or even before its expiry date. Here are some of the most important facts that mandate renewal of the EHIC in a timely manner.

Remain entitled to get medical benefits while travelling

By opting for EHIC Renewal well-in-time, you may remain entitled to get medical benefits or medical aids while travelling. As we all know this card is basically meant to offer the card holders all the medical aids and benefits as are meant for the local citizens of any country across EU. Therefore, you may remain entitled to get all such benefits while travelling by getting your card renewed. It is for your benefit only.

Enjoy hassle-free travelling

You may, of course, enjoy hassle-free and stress-free travelling by getting your EHIC card renewed well-in-time. It is because without having a valid EHIC, you may always remain worried about illnesses, diseases and the huge medical bills that you will have to incur if so required. When you have a valid EHIC, all such expenses are reduced to the significant extent as you get medical treatments at state-run hospitals or other medical institutes.

Save your money and efforts

Yet another important reason in the list that mandates and makes it all the more important to opt for EHIC Renewal is to save your money and efforts. Evidently, you have to pay all the medical bills from your bank balance or pocket in case you fall ill during your foreign trip and you don’t have a valid EHIC. Also, you need to make hard efforts to find good clinics or hospitals for the medical treatments. Contrary to this, you get medical aid, treatments and facilities and that too at reduced costs or in a totally free manner, if you have a valid or renewed EHIC.

Pave the way for the easy attainment of travel insurance

By getting your EHIC renewed before its expiry date, you may also pave the way for the easy attainment of your travel insurance. It is an evident fact that travel insurance is easily granted to those who have valid EHIC.

These are all some of the most important facts that make renewal of EHIC important for the users.