Can you imagine total weightless relaxation?

  • Your body completely forgetting what tension is as any unwanted fears, worries and concerns become not only distant, but simply discarded.
  • Completetranquillity, silence, peace, and warmth, all are made possible with floatation therapy.
  • You may not have had this kind of feeling since you were inside the womb!
  • Floatation therapy itself is undergone within an Isolation Tank (aka “Sensory Deprivation Tank” and although the technology with regards to the therapy is somewhat simple, the resulting after effects are quite profound.

Say Farewell to Things Such as Anxiety and Fear

The use of floatation therapy has been successful in treating people who suffer from PTSD in many cases. Just the feeling of floatation and minus any stimuli will go on to better enhance self-analysis, an increase in motivation, do away with things like depression, anxiety and fear, help to free one from negative habits, phobias and many addictions.

DeepestState of Meditation

  • The best Perth float tank therapy allows for what is known in the world of science and medicine as an Alpha-Theta crossover to occur in the brain.
  • This is what happens when someone’s mind starts to go into a state of deep relaxation, and brain wave activity has begun slowing down dramatically.
  • As your brain waves slowly switch over to Theta, your whole body will then begin to experience the deepest sense of meditative relaxation possible and the ability to heal is then increased.

Ahoy There Creativity and Brain Power!

Floatation therapy will stimulate simultaneous left and right brain activity and assist in shifting brain waves from Beta to lower frequency Alpha, Theta and even Delta. Floatation not only develops mental clarity, but also alertness, improved creativity, and increases visualisation. All of your senses are positively affected!

Recovery for Athletic Types

As you are floating, gravity’s pressure is removed from your body, so places such as joints and muscles and in fact the entire body is put into a heightenedcondition of physical relaxation.Also, things like blood pressure and oxygen intake are reduced and at the very same time, blood flow and the circulation of red blood cells increases.

This type of combined effect, isan important advantage to people like athletes, who wish to quickly recover from wounds and also need their body to help clean their body of lactate, cortisone and adrenaline which might have collected either in training or performance.

The Perfect Way to Heal

  • Those who make use of floatation therapy receive a positive improvement in blood circulation, oxygen and vital nutrients.
  • There’s also a reduction in blood pressure, pulse, heart beat rate and oxygen inhalation.
  • Floatation therapy has a powerful means to help in the healing and recovery of both the brain and body.
  • Like any other form of meditation, the results are cumulative, and you get better at relaxing in the floatation tank with frequent practice.

And to think that this type of therapy is in no need of technological prowess! Everybody should be using it!