Everyone performs certain favorite activities in which they do not think about whether they are harmful or have a positive effect on their health. They are simply his hobby, they bring him fun or relaxation, and that is why he devotes himself to them. It would not occur to you to link these activities to erectile dysfunction and fertility. And yet they affect them.


There is probably no need to talk about the beneficial effects of the sauna on the skin, its ability to strengthen immunity and remove harmful substances from the body. Many also consider it a relaxation zone, where they completely turn off their minds, forget about stress, and enjoy only warmth and peace. But men should warn. The testicles are stored in a mixture just so that they do not overheat unnecessarily. Elevated temperatures can therefore cause them problems in the form of sperm and testosterone production disorders or use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150. If a visit to the sauna is occasional, nothing happens, but if you are a very frequent visitor, you should limit the sauna.

Cycling can also cause problems.

And not only that. Bikers or horse riders can also reduce the blood supply to the penis. This is due to the fact that the seat presses on the dam, i.e., the area between the rectum and the penis, and the problem is also regular bumps. If you are an avid cyclist, biker, or rider, secure a suitably shaped seat (saddle) to reduce this risk.

Steroids as a double-edged sword

Athletes and bodybuilders sometimes like to help themselves with steroids to achieve more muscle volume and better performance. These substances can help to “falsely” enlarge a man’s genitals. This does not mean a direct effect on the size of the penis, but a thickening thanks to regular strength training. However, this condition is only temporary because after the loss of erectile function, the size of the penis changes again. This time, however, downwards. In addition to erectile dysfunction, their use also has other side effects – disorders of natural testosterone production or infertility with long-term use.

It is not an activity, but…

Wearing tight clothes is also questionable. If you wear tight pants or underwear, the testicles are in a warm environment for a long time, and you also keep the penis in an unnatural position, which can also cause it to bleed slightly. If you have a sedentary job, you run the same problem. Therefore, give the system enough loose trousers, a suitable cut of underwear, and try to sleep naked at night.

Do you want more intense sex?

Food enters the body through substances that suppress or encourage sexual appetite. If you need to wake up, include foods with vitamin E (whole grains, leafy vegetables, spinach) in the diet and consume olives or vegetable oils with them for better absorption. Vitamin C, in turn, helps revive sperm and increases its quality. The highest occurrence of natural vitamin C is in rose hips, blackcurrants, and sea buckthorn. It is also found in red peppers, boiled broccoli, pineapple, oranges, peaches, and other products.