All the living beings on this planet are blessed by the Almighty with senses of different types. As an instance, human beings have five sensory organs that allow them to stay connected with the outside world by making them aware about the changes taking place around them. It is done through feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling. The sense organs work in close sync with the brain so as to send and receive messages for normal and most optimal functions of the body.Unfortunately, large numbers of people in this world are affected with the problem of sensory impairment. Now one may wonder what is sensory impairment? Let us discuss the same. Here are the major facts that you need to know about sensory impairment.

Loss of sensory functions 

First of all, we will explain what sensory impairment is? Well, it is the loss of functions of some specific sense organs due to which the affected organs stop working normally. The impairment leads to reduced functioning and efficiency of the given sense organs. It means the exchange of messages between the brain and the specific sense organs is affected due to which the concerned person is unable to recognize the changes taking place around properly.

Partial or complete impairment 

Now you know what is sensory impairment? Look into another thing.The sensory impairment may be partial or complete. It implies the patients may either lose some of the functions or all of them for the affected sense organs. As an instance, a person may be partially or completely deaf or blind.

Need for care and treatment 

Those who suffer from sensory impairment definitely need proper care and treatment. They may need an attendant with them that may help them in performance of routine personal chores. The attendant or the caring person must be well-trained and experienced enough to understand the needs and problems of the patient and offer help accordingly.

Dependence upon aids and devices 

Severe impacts in some cases

In some cases of sensory organs, the life of the patients is affected quite adversely. It may have a severe impact on day to day life.

This was all about sensory impairment. By being clear about all the facts related to this problem, a person suffering from some specific type of impairment in your family may be well taken care of.