Vaping has taken the world by storm over the past 10 years, going from something niche to something mainstream almost overnight. The reasons are clear to see, improved health for smokers that also comes in at a cost saving.

The number of outlets offering electronic cigarettes for sale has also ballooned with them available from supermarkets and newsagents, literally anywhere that also sells tobacco. In addition, they’re also widely available online. The outlet that is right for you will depend on several factors which we’re going to cover in this article.

The Bricks and Mortar Store

Simply any shop that you would find on the high street. These retailers offer a chance for you to come inside and speak to people who are knowledgeable on vaping. They also give you the opportunity to try new flavours without having to buy them, allowing you to develop a feel for what you like.

The number of physical stores in existence have fluctuated considerably over the years due to the prevalence of online sales which has made competing more difficult. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that you’re usually going to be paying more at any high street store because they have much higher overheads.

The brick and mortar vape shop experience can be summed up as;

  • A great place to speak to staff and other vapers where you can exchange knowledge and obtain advice.
  • A great chance to see products in action, helping you to decide whether they’re right for you. This can be a huge benefit if you’re not sure whether a cloud throwing dripper or sub tank would be suitable.
  • A great opportunity to sample different e juices before buying them.

Online Vape Stores

There are hundreds of online stores meaning you’ll never be short of choice. Some of these retailers have been around for years and have become established brands in their own right. Some of course are much newer but can still offer a great service.

What you will often find with online stores is that the choice available is far more extensive. Rather than the small range of products you would find in a small vape shop, you have access to thousands of different products which can be delivered to your door within days. Needless to say, you’re also going to find that these retailers are much cheaper due to not suffering from the overheads a physical store presence would entail.

The online vape store experience can be summed up as;

  • Thousands of products at your fingertips.
  • Special offers and discounts available regularly.
  • Useful if you live in a remote location.
  • Can be daunting for a complete beginner making their first purchase.

Vaping in Australia

Here in Australia we have the best of both worlds. You will find many physical stores in the larger cities with a good online presence to match. Vapeking E Cigarettes are one well known online retailerbut there are several others. We suggest shopping around to compare prices and the offers available.

Vaping as an industry is still growing and is only going to get bigger with time.