Apnea Boom Camp

A unique merge of meditation and freediving is provided by a bunch of apnea coursesFreediving camp on Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde helps you control breathing and learn how to slow your mind, and experience real spiritual freedom by expanding your horizons. You will be surprised to explore more as you dive deeper.

Their courses are a mix of training on both freediving and meditation. It is based primarily on breathing and defocusing methods. This will help you concentrate on your breath (pranayama), which will eventually help you have complete control over your mind and have some relaxed mind via meditation. Cape Verde island is suitable for spending holidays as the sea temperature is ideal for freediving throughout the year. The two islands Sal and Boavista have B&B and international airports, which connect these two islands. Regular flights connect the islands. 

 Kona Freediving Camp

You can dive deep comfortably in the sea, learn the technique of holding your breath for a long time, and easily enter the meditation state with Kona Freediving Camp, which provides one week of dive training. We provide a personal dive guide. Enjoy the marine life by interacting with turtles, sharks, dolphins throughout your off-shore freediving trips. It involves depth training, meet up, boat trips and freediving clinics, visiting fish farms and deep lava tubes. 

 One of the top destinations for Freediving camp in Hawaii Islands. They provide a tropical escape with activities and restaurants for freedivers. This island is the most spectacular and adventurous destination in the world. You can explore both land and underwater along with mountain peaks, waterfalls, tropical cloud forests, and barren lava fields. 

 Freedive Bootcamp

The destination is on the peninsula area of Lustica in Montenegro, which offers a six days or five nights freediving experience. People experience this beautiful peninsula, enjoy local healthy food, hiking to abandoned tunnels and forts, yoga, stretching by the sea, kayaking, learning breath-holding techniques, stand-up paddling, and other freediving skills. 

You can enjoy hikes to abandoned tunnels and forts, enjoy local foods, practice breath-holding methods, stand up paddling, stretching, kayaking, you can meet various species while making dives into the dark blue sea with complete safety. You get a fascinating meeting with colonies of dolphins and turtles while diving and swimming alongside these sea creatures. 

 Apnea Total Freediving School 

Learn freediving techniques and improve your skills and depth from Apnea Total’s professional Freediver Miguel Lozano. The course is primarily based on constant weight with fins, constant fins without fins, and free Immersion in Koh Tao, Thailand. Apnea total founder is Monica Ganame.

 You can increase your depth through exhale diving, relaxation, and mental barriers, deep equalization, prolonged dive times at depth.