There are countless women workouts that target the stomach muscles. Most of these workouts have a compounding effect, in that they go into toning your thighs and arms too. This a very workable way to get rid of cellulite.

safe to say that everybody wants to have a tummy that is flat, for women, and absolutely riddled with cubes, for men. The unfortunate truth is that, for most people, this dream is just that, a dream. This is not to say that the best ab exercises are impossible to do or require high-tech machinery that can only be found in the best gyms, no. When it comes to women health, the best types of exercise are simple to do. That being said, no exercise is easy. Simple, yes, but not easy. Here are some of the best ab exercises that every woman can do to get rid of that tummy fat. The best women ab exercises

The sit-up

This is a pure classic.

  • Lie flat on the ground and bend both your feet at the knees.
  • Touch both ears with both arms at the same time.
  • Crunch up and bring your forehead towards your bent knees. Do not lift your feet off the ground.
  • Go back as far down as you can without touching the ground with your back and repeat the motion.

Bicycle Crunches

You need to know that this is a very tough, but effective exercise.

  • Lie back, flat on the ground and touch both ears
  • Maintaining a bicycle motion, make your right elbow touch your left knee and vice versa without stopping. Alternate this motion until you reach your desired number of repetitions and sets. This will not only work your stomach muscles, but it will give your thighs a good go as well.

Hanging Leg Raises

You will need to have something that you can hang on to, like a bar (chin-up bar)

  • You need to hold the bar firmly with both your hands
  • Keeping both legs together, lift them both off the ground
  • Bring them up until they form 90 degrees to your torso.
  • Repeat to suitable number of repetitions.
  • If you want, you can add a little twist to this exercise by twisting your legs from one side to the other while they are at the 90 degree position before you take them back down. This way you will get more work done in a single repetition.

These are some of the best ab exercises there are. The one thing that every woman should remember is that they should stay well hydrated during the exercises and give themselves some time to recover. Also, to stay healthy, you need to adhere to a good diet.