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Guide to Powerlifting

Many people believe that there is nothing different between powerlifting and bodybuilding.  But once you look further or even get into either sports, the differences are very obvious. Powerlifting is a kind of between weightlifting and bodybuilding.  This is because there are a many weightlifters and bodybuilders that can show sheer strength and power.  Powerlifting is basically the display of pure strength across three exercises. These are: Squat Bench press Deadlift Powerlifters are judged by the numbers that they lift and not by their appearance.  Basically, the one with the highest score wins!  The powerlifting IPF are the independent body providing ethics and rules for powerlifters. A lot of people can do really well at this sport because it can be great fun and you DO NOT LOSE.  In powerlifting, if you set a goal to lift X weight and you achieve it, winning or losing doesn’t matter as you have still achieved that personal goal.  For example, if you had set yourself a target of deadlifting 400 and met that but did not win the competition, it would be unlikely that you would feel like you lost. Powerlifting is often thought of as conditioning the mind more than bodybuilding is.…

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Lose weight with gymnastics

Gymnasts are known to have some the slimmest and toned bodies around. In particular, female competitors have small figures as they have been training since childhood and have strict diets. But, does gymnastics help you to lose weight if you are not training to compete? This depends on your diet and level of exercise. It also depends on whether you are willing to spend a lot of time in the gym. Gymnastics is usually defined as a moderate calorie-burning exercises meaning that a 150lb person will burn around 300 calories per hour of gymnastics. The same person burns approximately 330 calories from an hour of brisk walking and 450 calories from jogging over the same period of time. This basically means that you would need to spend more time working-out if you wish to lose weight. Also, if you don’t have access to the correct equipment or coaching, then it could prove to be very difficult. Also, you would need to invest in the correct clothing for gymnastics. Clothing If you are going to take training seriously, it’s important to have the correct attire. Girls and women are usually require tights and a leotard. There are many types of leotards…

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What is bad for your immune system?

There are some things that are bad your immune system: Not enough exercise If you sit at a desk doing nothing all day feeling drowsy, you immune system will be drowsy also.  Even small amounts of exercise will improve the immune system and increase levels of leukocytes. Overweight Excess fat cells in floating around in the body will affect your immune system.  Pro-inflammatory chemicals are released by high numbers of fat cells.  When the inflammation happens, the healthy tissues in the body become damaged. Consuming too much sugar or fat Too much sugar lowers the number of immune system cells which would normally attack bacteria in the body.  Even about 2 cans of fizzy drink will reduce the ability of white blood cells. Stress   Social isolation    

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Prevention and Treatment of Cellulite

Having to deal with cellulite can be difficult and frustrating. Even those who eat healthy and exercise may notice that they have unwanted cellulite that makes their skin look splotchy and uneven. However, there is a way to get rid of pesky and unwanted cellulite problems. Learning about the treatment options that are available and also prevention methods can help anyone who is struggling with this problem. Treatment Options for Those with Cellulite Though many people may think that cellulite is a medical condition, it’s important to understand what it really is. Cellulite is a layer of fat that is beneath the skin. The cellulite is not harmful, it is unwanted for most people due to the uneven tone it gets the skin. Luckily, there are many different treatment options for those with cellulite. Recently, the FDA has cleared a laser cellulite removal treatment that works by melting the fat under the skin smoothing it out. Likewise, there are different creams that have chemicals that break away the fat under the skin. Finally, liposuction can be an option to remove cellulite that can’t be removed with any other treatment option. Those who are considering a cellulite removal procedure should consider…

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The Importance of Iron & Calcium

There are many individual things that create optimal health in a woman. They have different nutritional needs than a man does. The reason for this is the fact that women bear children. So lets begin by discussing what these needs are. Women require extra iron each day to off set the monthly cycles that they go through. This iron produces healthy red blood cells and helps strengthen muscles such as the heart. Iron can be found in lean red meats, spinach and kale and eggs. Calcium should be increased for women. As they grow older women need to up their intake of calcium and vitamin D-3. During childbearing years extra calcium and d-3 provide a foundation for healthy bones and teeth. Having a baby will draw calcium out of your bones if you are deficient. As we age if that is not addressed it will turn into osteoporosis. So adding more calcium to a woman’s diet is a must. Vitamin D-3 has been shown to help calcium absorb more readily. Cellulite: After reviewing women’s studies it was found that cellulite is made worse by consuming excess fat. Your body tries to store it and the result is lumpy looking thighs…

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What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite has become a rather common women’s problem, especially for women above the age of 20. For women who already have cellulite, but they want to prevent it from getting worse and find an effectively cellulite treatment, they should firstly understand what causes cellulite. Based on statistics, over 80% women use several cellulite products to get rid of this problem, and most of them combine these products with other strategies like diet adjustment and hormone therapy. Men can also have cellulite but the ratio is very less in comparison to women. Pinpointing the exact factors that cause cellulite is not an easy task. The underlying factors that cause cellulite to develop are supported by several theories. Post Puberty Period For women, it is claimed by most experts that cellulite generally occurs after the post puberty period. The main factor that is believed to trigger the formation of cellulite is the estrogen hormonal changes taking place in a woman’s body, which progressively cause fat to accumulate in the body. In the sub-dermal area of their skin, especially in the region of their thighs and hips, the body cell is quite enlarged. These cells cause lymphatic fluid to accumulate when it passes…

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Women’s Ab Excercises

There are countless women workouts that target the stomach muscles. Most of these workouts have a compounding effect, in that they go into toning your thighs and arms too. This a very workable way to get rid of cellulite. It’s safe to say that everybody wants to have a tummy that is flat, for women, and absolutely riddled with cubes, for men. The unfortunate truth is that, for most people, this dream is just that, a dream. This is not to say that the best ab exercises are impossible to do or require high-tech machinery that can only be found in the best gyms, no. When it comes to women’s health, the best types of exercise are simple to do. That being said, no exercise is easy. Simple, yes, but not easy. Here are some of the best ab exercises that every woman can do to get rid of that tummy fat. The best women’s ab exercises The sit-up This is a pure classic. 1. Lie flat on the ground and bend both your feet at the knees2. Touch both ears with both arms at the same time3. Crunch up and bring your forehead towards your bent knees. Do not…

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