Want a workout routine that doesn’t feel like a workout routine? Want to laugh instead of grimacing your way through your daily exercise? Workouts can be really hard going and sometimes, it feels like you need an extra incentive to hit the gym. So, what if workouts could be made so fun and motivating that you no longer have to drag yourself to the gym? Sounds good, right? Well group workouts could be the answer.

Here are five great reasons why group workouts can be such a successful way to train:

Boosts your motivation

So, how many times have you made up your mind to start at the gym the next day (and then the next day, and then the next, and so on…)? You are not alone in this habit of kicking the can down the road where workouts are concerned. Group workouts can be the perfect solution to this problem. Miss one or two sessions, and not just your trainer but also your classmates start asking you about where you have been too. 

And the motivation does not just stop at making sure you reach the classes every day. Your classmates will also encourage you to stay on track and stick to that exercise and diet regime. They will challenge you and push you towards your goals. By having highly driven people around you, you are much more likely to keep on target and motivated to make it to your goals. What’s more, as the workouts are much more enjoyable and sociable occasions, this in itself is a motivating factor. It just does not get much more motivating than a class full of supportive people, who all understand how tough it feels to be on your side of the class, and who can give you all the encouragement and advice they can jointly provide.

Getting it right

In a class setting, you will have a coach or an instructor working with you. They are qualified to advise you, instruct you and will keep an eye on you to ensure that you are working out safely and effectively. They can prevent you from doing the exercises incorrectly and therefore help prevent injuries in the process. Because the trainer is on hand to make sure you’re exercising correctly, you’re more likely to see the benefits of your workout sooner, which is far better than feeling like you want to quit due to lack of progress on your own.

Getting feedback from your fellow trainees as well can really make a difference. Forgot that next step after the squat and feel too embarrassed to ask the coach again and again? Just ask the person next to you, and you’re back on track.

Taking that extra step forward

Knowing that you can let down the classmates by not showing up for the group exercise can stop you from avoiding a workout. When you participate in the group exercises, you can also push yourself harder and go that extra mile. Not convinced yet?

Okay, imagine the scenario: you are working out at your home by yourself. You have done ten push-ups and fifteen, you feel, is a good number to achieve. But then again, you have had a long day at work, and you feel completely drained, and ten is not a bad number for a beginner. So, you decide to leave it at that. 

Now, think that you are in a group exercise session instead of being in your home, with your instructors and classmates looking and cheering you on. Those cheers of “come on buddy, one more” can really drive you on to do those five more push-ups.

Diversifying the workout schedule

Variety is the spice of life. You must have heard this saying so many times. From the new cuisines, you try to the new places you visit, to the books that you read, your friends must have repeated this mantra time and again. Group workouts are one more of those places where you will actually get to see the implementation and effects of variations, for real. Doing the same exercises, in the same order, week after week, and day after day can get really boring.

So, how does a group workout help in bringing diversity to your exercise sessions? Engaging in workouts surrounded by a group of fellow trainees will help you learn the activities that might not have even occurred to you before. On top of that, your workout buddies will help you understand the form needed for these new routines, which will reduce the chances of you getting hurt while performing them.

Finally, simply doing the exercises with others will not just help you in discovering new trends, but also, make you test and push the limits of your endurance.

Meet new people and get social

One of the major reasons for participating in group workouts that get easily ignored is the chance to meet and interesting people. Besides, motivating you in trying out new physical activities and pushing yourself towards the fitness goals, group workouts also mean making new friends.

In addition to that, with the usual daily routine of going to the office and coming back home, nowadays one hardly gets a chance to meet new people, and if a group workout activity can make that happen, then there’s nothing better than that! Who knows, maybe you will make new professional connections there, or maybe find a cute guy that you really like! Believe it or not, this opportunity of meeting people and communicating with new friends every day is what keeps many people going to the group workouts.

Now with all the reasons mentioned above, by now you are hopefully convinced about giving group workouts a try. Whether one likes it or not varies from person to person, but it is surely worth giving a shot. So, go ahead and fill that enrolment form now and see for yourself!