Woman taking medication with water in bathroom

There are many individual things that create optimal health in a woman. They have different nutritional needs than a man does. The reason for this is the fact that women bear children. So lets begin by discussing what these needs are.

  • Women require extra iron each day to off set the monthly cycles that they go through. This iron produces healthy red blood cells and helps strengthen muscles such as the heart. Iron can be found in lean red meats, spinach and kale and eggs.
  • Calcium should be increased for women. As they grow older women need to up their intake of calcium and vitamin D-3. During childbearing years extra calcium and d-3 provide a foundation for healthy bones and teeth. Having a baby will draw calcium out of your bones if you are deficient. As we age if that is not addressed it will turn into osteoporosis. So adding more calcium to a woman’s diet is a must. Vitamin D-3 has been shown to help calcium absorb more readily.

Cellulite: After reviewing women’s studies it was found that cellulite is made worse by consuming excess fat. Your body tries to store it and the result is lumpy looking thighs and buttocks. Improving your nutrition and exercise is one way to combat this issue. A few tips to help correct this problem is to drink plenty of water daily. Also, in many spas they take a wooden rolling pin and roll it over the problem areas daily. Oddly enough this seems to really help. It smooths out the lumpy areas into a smoother look., If done daily it will bring amazing results.

Other ways of treating it is also to use the infra-red massagers to heat up the area first. Either way it gives a much better appearance to legs and thighs or wherever you have cellulite.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise that stimulates blood flow and reduces stress. When in doubt .. walk. If you carry small hand weights when you walk that sill help to strengthen your bones. Weights done in moderation can be helpful in keeping you strong. It will strengthen the muscles so that there is no weakness that can appear as we age. Most important you have to drink more and more water in order to get hydrated and help in reducing the weight.

Women’s nutrition, diet, health, cellulite, fat, exercise, should all be monitored so that there is no lack. Taking vitamin supplements is also highly recommenced by health care professionals. Paying attention to your own personal needs is a great way to stay fit.