There are many people who are keeping on receiving the long term oxygen therapy which actually means that they should get more oxygen than what they are actually receiving. And one every week more number of people is getting diagnosed with the respiratory as well as the ling problems which increased the demand on supplemental oxygen. Unfortunately, the number of owning this oxygen therapy at home is getting higher and higher, and in this the major culprit is smoking.

The required number of supplemental oxygen may vary according to the severity of the illness, and some needs for extra oxygen for 3 to 3 hours per day; some may even at night time. some only use this while exercising themselves and some other may even require this for the whole day.

One of the effect which this have the huge impact on how does the patients feel and live normally is that their lives and specially their mobility is also limited. Most of the people among us are taking for the granted both for breathing and they are also able to move around. Those who must want the supplemental oxygen, they can no longer afford to take the new one, and in fact this becomes the major points in their lives as well as their daily routines.

For the oxygen therapy users, the good news is that there are many portable oxygen tanks available which greatly allows the patients to move around and mobility is also easy with this. not long ago, the oxygen containers are mainly made to provide some greater mobility were limited to heavy the tanks which have been filled up with either the liquid or the compressed oxygen. When you actually realize that one of the major consequences of the insufficient oxygen is fatigue, then this is the obvious one where the heavy loads will not help you to move around.

As there are many forms of oxygen therapy instruments, we can also find three major types of oxygen delivery systems, for the long term therapy patients and the most important information is that these three are portable one. the three of them are:

  • Liquid oxygen tanks
  • Compressed oxygen tanks
  • Oxygen concentrators

All these three can be used if you are greatly looking to purchase the portable oxygen therapy machines. In that the oxygen flow will be regulated by the flow valve to the patients who are receiving the oxygen either through the nose mask. So, try to make use of these portable oxygen therapies. Make your respiration free with the help of these oxygen tanks. Go through the link in order to get some more medical equipment for your people.