What a woman deems a bad hair day is just about every female’s dream gone wrong. Just consider when a woman looks in the mirror and sees everything wrong about her hair, things such as self-esteemquietly depart the room, and they find themselves in a state of mind feeling somewhat uncomfortable and undesirable (and who wants that?!).

But the modern foxy lady who is hip to nature’s beauty tricks will know all too well that a bad hair day can be may be transformed as quickly as one can say “clip-in human hair extensions”. Because these daysthis wonderful hair solution is currently available, reasons for any type of panic in the hair department is a thing of the distant past. Still don’t believe it? Check out some reasons why you should do the homework on clip-in human hair extensions in Perth! Get yourself ready for a major change in how you view hairstyling as they:

  • Can be treated in anyway, just like your very own head of hair
  • Immediately adds considerable extra length and great volume
  • Allow for you to style your hair in any way you wish for
  • Can be not only styled, but also coloured and even permed!
  • Certainly increase your self-confidence like nothing else
  • Won’t do any harm to your scalp or real hair in any type of way and are in fact a completely harmless trick of beauty

6 Types of Hair Extension

  1. Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you want to experiment with extensions without going all the way, clip-in hair extensions are perfect. Clip-ins are worn in the daytime and removed at night.

  1. Temporary Glue-in Extensions: Perfect for That Special Occasion

Yet on more temporary option for woman who wish for a more startling look, but who don’t want to go for long-term extensions are glue-in extensions. These hairpieces are fastened to your hair with bond and removed with an oil-based substance.

  1. Bonded Hair Extensions: The Most Favoured Type

Bonded hair extensions have become a most favoured style of extension. They are also the most expensive option because a professional job can often (if taken care of) last for up to 6 months.

  1. Tape-In Extensions

The tape-in extensions are created when a professional stylist tapes strands of hair (normally a longer piece than the extensions used in the method of bonding) to the roots of natural hair.

  1. Sew-In Extensions

The sewn-in extensions are usually referred to as “weaves” and have become popular with black women. The hair is sewn into rows made up of natural hair. If shampooed and conditioned on a weekly basis, sewn-in extensions can last for around two months.

  1. Ring Extensions: Yet One More Favoured Method Those with Black Hair

With the use of micro ring extensions, the weave is fitted to the natural hair via the use of small aluminium rings lined with silicone. The rings are extremely small and not usually visible.

As you can see, there’s a hair extension for everyone!


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