With the growing age, men and women often fall victim to several problems. One of the most common problems is plantar fasciitis. However, plantar fasciitis is a medical term and it is commonly referred to as the policeman’s heel. Interestingly, people above the age of 40 years usually fall victim to it in view of the following.

  • Overweight: Overweight does no good to anyone. Having said that, we mean, it actually creates a lot of health issues and affects your wellbeing. Your overweight, for instance, causes high BP that can lead to fatal diseases like palsy.
  • Running: It is often said that run is good for health. But, the crux is that running helter-skelter with a heavy body weight is dangerous. You could easily fall victim to the policeman’s heel. After all, it is your feet that bear your body weight and manage you to stand upright during the run.      
  • Standing for long hours at a place: There are some professions such as the people working in restaurants and bakeries who stand 8-9 hours at a stretch. As a matter of fact, ligaments experience a lot of pressures every day. This results in thickening of the plantar fascia and the fasciitis in the end.
  • Old shoes: The insoles of your shoes become old and worn-out due to wear and tear. If you are using the same pair of shoes for quite some time, it is important to check whether the insoles are perfect or not. You must be alert at the first sign of pain in such cases and resolve those shoes. This, in turn, will prevent further damage to the ligaments there and help you recover fast.      
  • Aging: Aging has an effect on the whole body. Inflammation of the plantar fascia thus appears common with the growing age. You must, therefore, take adequate care of your body weight in the first place along with the everyday accessories like shoes to avoid the sufferings from policeman’s heel.   

Simple tips to treat fasciitis:

  • Use ice packs to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation from the plantar fasciitis.
  • Avoid putting pressure on your heels and try to stay out of the floor. Give rest to your feet.
  • Avoid uneven roads/surfaces for walking.
  • Resole the shoes if needed. Alternatively, change the shoes.
  • Take physical therapy under the advice of a qualified doctor.

Your well being depends on a lot of factors such as food habits, the nature of work and the lifestyle. However, age takes a toll on your body and mind silently.