Preparing a meal to meet the nutritional needs can be a daunting task today as everyone today is very picky. Simple dietary changes go a long way in making your child a healthy citizen with healthy eating. Following are a few options to satisfy the daily needs of essential nutrients for your loved ones.

Water, fresh fruit juices and milk must be included instead of sodas and artificially sweetened fruit drinks. At least 4-5 servings of fresh, clean vegetables and fruits must be given each day especially dark green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. Rather than including packaged foods rich in preservatives, try to provide as much as freshly prepared meals as possible. Opting for whole grain breads and cereals instead of white bread and polished cereals are healthier alternatives.

They provide high fiber. Frying should be kept to a minimum. Instead, broiling, grilling or steaming should be done. The diet should be high in protein as growing children need protein for muscle growth and repair. Nuts, eggs, lean meat, milk and milk products, beans are rich sources of protein. Soy milk or biscuits, tofu and other soy-fortified products are great protein alternatives. Junk and fast foods must be kept to a minimum.

According to the Food Pyramid guide, the base of pyramid is made up of carbohydrates like breads, cereals, rice and pasta which must make up 6-11 servings of our total daily dietary intake. Above that are fruits and vegetables which occupy at least 5-8 servings total. Further above are placed milk and dairy products occupying 2-3 servings beside meat, fish, beans, eggs and nuts (i.e. proteins) also requiring 2-3 servings. Right at the top and requiring only sparse consumption are fats, oils and sweets.

This pyramid guide should give one a fair idea of the food groups that should be most eaten and those that should be avoided. A protein deficiency can even lead to your serotonin levels to going down. Even though you can take serotonin inducing 5-HTP supplements like capsiplex plus to increase its production. It is always better to get that Serotonin from your food.Beef and dairy products are a great source of 5-HTP producing amino acid Trptophans.The amount of protein in your diet can directly affect the serotonin levels which is known for its benefits such as appetite suppression, reducing addictions and good cravings. If your diet is not enough then a natural aid like capsiplex plus is the next best way forward. Thus, even a little attention paid to what children consume through the day is of great benefit in preventing childhood obesity and in maintaining children’s nutritional needs.