Accidental needle prick is an incident in which an unprepared person gets accidentally pricked by a needle. If you’re just goofing around with a newly made needle and you got pricked by your own needle that you just injected to yourself it’s really that serious. But if you’re a healthcare provider and you got accidentally pricked during work hours, it’s a different story, in fact it’s a frightening scenario that sadly all healthcare professionals are prone to.

The needle prick isn’t the scary part, its what a needle is carrying is. what if the needle that pricked the health care professional came from a patient that had HIV/AIDS? The fact is with all the modern medical tools and technologies being discovered, these types of things are not addressed and there are still thousands of healthcare professionals that still gets pricked each year. Although they are trained on infection control and disposals, accidents are still accidents and unless their environment and even their tools promote safety these occurrences will still be present. That is about to change and you will discover that as you read further.

Daniels health: Needle prick incidents are serious matters especially in a hospital setting. If you want to lessen the occurence to even eliminate needle pricks in the hospital there should be a standard process and newly developed tools to help with such. In case you’re wondering what that is Daniels Health. It’s a company that has the answer to sharps disposal. They don’t just have the technology, they also bring a process with it and it’s called waste containment system. Below are the hard facts on the studies following their waste containment system:

  • Since waste containment system was implemented, there around 20,000 healthcare team that was saved from needle prick incident.
  • Studies published by 5 Peer shows that Sharpsmart is a proven safety device.
  • Safety risks were minimized based on U.S. case studies.

Their innovation: Thru their innovation, it created new processes that allows a more efficient and safe disposal of sharps. Their sharpsmart tool allowed safety, organization and a more mobile way to dispose of waste. From disposal of sharps to the sharpsmart containers to the designated place where it should be disposed. Sharpsmart aims to eliminate any accidents. Their innovation aims to:

  • Safety at every step
  • Safety where you need it
  • Safer when full
  • Safer for the environment
  • Safe delivery
  • Protecting staff and patients
  • Safety on the road
  • Quality assurance before delivery

Needle pricks are very serious incidents especially in the hospital set up. With some modern technologies these days in the healthcare industry you would think that these will be addressed, but its not. Come Daniels Health, this company offers a revolutionized way on how sharps are disposed and helps minimize and even eliminate needle prick incidents in the US based healthcare facilities using their products called sharpsmart and the process of disposal called waste containment system. If you wish to know more and contact Daniels Health for a demo you can visit their website for more details and how their technology can help revolutionize how healthcare professionals deal with safety in your daily clinical service.