Do you know what the major concern for most of the governments for its citizens are? Of course, there are number of things for which the local governments have to work upon in order to ensure overall growth, progress and safety of its citizens in all respects. Good health of the citizens of any nation is also one amongst the most important and major concerns for the respective governments. That is why, all the countries falling under EU and also Switzerland have opted for the European Health Insurance Card or EHIC for the local citizens. Like any other insurance card, it is also valid for some specific time period. Owing to the same reason, the provision for EHIC card renewal is also there. For benefit of all the concerned, we are hereunder discussing some important points about the renewal of EHIC so that the users may get benefited to the maximum extent.

What is the validity period?

Usually, European Health Insurance Card is valid for a period of five years only. However, the validity period may vary from country to country across EU. Also, it depends upon the respective governments or the officials issuing this card to the users. Thus, anyone may opt for EHIC card renewal based on the period of the validity of the same. You just need to keep an eye on its expiry date or keep reminding yourself about its renewal at least 5-6 months before actually expiry date.

When can you start the renewal process?

Well, there is no set time limit or period by the concerned officials for starting the process of renewal of the EHIC card. Depending upon your convenience and preference, you may start with the process of renewal of the card 6 months before the expiry date. However, you must keep in mind that the leftover period will not be added to the new card. You would just get a new card with a validity of five or more years depending on your respective country.

Does it charge something for renewal?

This question is perhaps asked by almost all the cardholders to the concerned officials or they try getting an answer from those who have opted for EHIC card renewal in the past. An appropriate answer to this question is that it is renewed totally free of cost. In simple words, you need not pay even a penny for renewal of the EHIC card. It can be renewed anytime from anywhere totally free of cost.

Can it be renewed online?

Yes, the EHIC card can be renewed online. To facilitate millions of cardholders across EU, the respective governments or the officials have facilitated the users to get their cards renewed online. They may explore the official or authorised websites and start with the process of card renewal. They may apply for the renewal in a very easy manner over such websites by following the step by step instructions provided thereupon. The users just need to be cautious about scams or frauds over such websites and opt for only officially recognised websites.

So you can easily get your EHIC card renewed and keep availing of the relevant benefits.