Before getting into the details of the special orthopaedic insoles, and its uses, let us first know the meaning of plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome. It occurs due to continuous pressure applied to the connecting tissue between the heels bone and the end of the foot or ball of the foot. If it is not taken care of early, it leads to aggravated pain and swelling.

What is the use of this specialised insole? 

The plantar fasciitis insoles reduce any ache and sensitivity as it assists to lessen the pressure over the lower end of the foot while you take a stroll or just stand.

Take this instance, when there is trouble in the lower end of your foot due to unusual movement, the insole wipes that extra inverted movement of the feet, which is causing that part of stress because of its arc support.

Apart from the above, it’s cupping design acts as a pain absorber by giving an extra cushioning effect.

There are a couple of kinds of options available: one is regular and customized. We suggest using the standard insoles instead of spending on costly customized insoles.Use plantar fasciitis insoles to get instant relief, especially the orthofeet brand’s orthotic insoles.

The insert that you use in your shoes should properly fit according to your arch type to give the necessary cushioning to the base of your footwear even when the arch is curved. 

Your bodyweight gets balanced out in the entire foot area while walking or running with the help of this plantar fasciitis insoles. It prevents the concentration of unnecessary pressure on a particular portion on foot, thereby keeping it at ease. Otherwise, if more pressure is put on the heel, it may get swollen up and start paining, resulting in heel spur syndrome.

These inserts in your footwear can help to ease out various other types of aches like knee ache, backache, etc., and they also prevent getting any wounds.  

Another work is the insoles act as a cushion, and they properly adjust your heel movement that, in turn, reduces stress, fatigue, maintains performance and enhances comfort. 

There are various types of inserts to suit different functions. The inserts are developed especially to fit into sports shoes for high-intensity sports like tennis or running. For your regular walking comfort and less pressure activity, use insoles that are perfect for your formal shoes. And for any other activities, we have our sporting feet stock. 

So if you are already having a sore heel or feeling discomfort in the foot, and looking for a plantar fasciitis insole to avoid getting the jogger’s heel then look for expert advice or getting your foot scanned.